Coastal Erosion Mapping

Coastal erosion is the wearing away of land along the shoreline due to the natural removal of beach or dune sediments caused by wave action, wave and tidal currents, high winds, drainage and other human-induced causes of erosion . Rising sea levels, more frequent storms and cyclones are also increasing coastal erosion and are putting infrastructure and people at risk. About 80% of the Australian population lives near the coast and most coastal councils are developing or already have management plans to understand short-term shoreline changes and long-term coastal erosion to ensure that new developments are not in hazard zones now and in the future.

Aerometrex has supplied multiple 1 inch resolution 3D models over 6 miles of the coastline of Newcastle (NSW), Australia since 2016 to study the effect of erosion and improve coastal management plans. We have also conducted 3D modeling jobs for other coastlines across Townsville (QLD), Nightcliff (NT), etc.

Our 3D models allow you to accurately profile and measure coastal features for planning purposes.

Fluid modeling techniques can also be applied to these reality mesh models to assess the location of sensitive erosion areas and predict land loss in the short-term.

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