3D modeling to plan for the Pope's visit to Philadelphia, USA

ESM Productions, a local company tasked with event planning for the Pope’s visit, retained Aerometrex to help engineer the complex logistics for this historic event. Hosting the event required massive planning and coordination with municipal and state agencies, as well as with the U.S. Secret Service. To accommodate the 56,400 temporary structures needed, 33 miles of security barricade perimeter, and the impact of local road closures, while ensuring smooth traffic flow and seamless communication throughout the planning process and the event, ESM needed comprehensive, realistic, and integrated 3D modeling and simulation software.

Aerometrex captured and generated a 3D model of Philadelphia to help plan for the event. The 3D model was used as the basis for the detailed layout and design of all the temporary facilities and barricades.

Use of the 3D reality mesh reduced risk, enhanced decision making, improved timeliness, and optimized efficiency on this highly visible, fast-tracked project, while simultaneously supporting the extreme security workflows required.

This project also received the Bentley ‘Be Inspired’ Award in 2016.

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