Webinar: Using 3D LOD (Level of Detail) Modeling for Planning and Development

Listen to Stuart Wileman & Tristan Brown from our 3D Production team talk about Level of Detail (LOD) modeling and how it provides a detailed dataset for planning and visualization.

Webinar Timeline

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:11 - What is LOD Modelling?
  • 1:03 - How are LOD models used?
  • 2:04 - How does Aerometrex collaborate with customers to fit their needs?
  • 3:00 - How does LOD differ from 3D Mesh Models?
  • 3:40 - How are LOD models created?
  • 4:38 - How have clients benefitted from Aerometrex LOD models?

3D LOD Modeling