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Aerometrex provides its global client base a range of sophisticated 3D reality modeling products and services based on advanced photogrammetric and visualization techniques.

Our award-winning 3D modeling service provides an end-to-end solution from flight planning to 3D processing and geo-registration.

We design surveys based on end-user needs having executed numerous projects combining imagery from multiple platforms (fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, and street-level) to build accurate 3D models (reality meshes).

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Our broad range of products & outputs

3D mesh models in common 3D formats

with Level of Detail and any additional geospatial data, 3D objects, etc. for integration into 3rd party rendering software such as Terragen, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, TerraExplorer, Urban-Engine, etc.

True Ortho imagery

at resolutions up to 1 inch. True Ortho mosaic are vertical view imagery where all perspective distortions have been removed. This is particularly useful over central business districts

Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and 3D Point Clouds

Useful for many analytical workflows including flood control, erosion management, and telco facility design

3D Media - stills and animations
  • Complex 3D geo-information pictures for reports, presentations and posters
  • Fly-throughs for virtual tours, multimedia, web and corporate presentations
  • HD fly-throughs for publicity, advertising, TV and cinema
  • 3D Stereoscopic fly-throughs and animations for 3D TV and cinema
  • Interactive Virtual Reality fly-throughs for Oculus Rift
  • Augmented Reality applications for mobile devices
  • Simulated apartment views for high rise property marketing
Feature capture

via vector mapping provides rich geospatial information necessary for the management of relational databases, especially for engineering projects. Most common features captured are buildings, roads, utilities, vegetation and rivers.

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Industries we serve

3D mesh models are being used in a growing number of applications and enable companies to greatly improve workflows, save time and money and better communicate complex information. Our 3D models are used in many industries globally for visualization, simulation, surveying, mapping and decision support applications.

  • Use 3D city models for analyzing changes, extract 3D information, digitize features and communicate through 3D visualization.
  • Check out the view from any window or balcony of your future building and make sure that neighbor privacy, sightlines and building height restrictions are respected
  • Understand how a new design fits in its environment from any possible location in space, and analyze its impact to the surroundings
  • Keep track of the various phases of your construction project and extract quantitative information over time with multi-date captures
  • Use 3D point-cloud for use in CAD and Engineering software
  • 3D city models are used in conjunction with 3D geodatabases for real estate and insurance applications
  • Market your high-rise apartments with photorealistic virtual views
  • Produce accurate sun and shade analysis including every surrounding objects and street furniture

Accurate Digital Surface Models can be derived from 3D mesh models and used for telecommunication analysis.

Monitor coastlines and quantify changes in 3D using multi-date captures to improve coastal management plans

  • 3D city models are very helpful in providing near realistic effects of any disaster. They can virtually help simulate any disaster (fire, flood, hurricane, etc.) with great precision and prepare authorities for any potential losses. This will help administrators to carefully plan management of rescue and resource mobilization.
  • Virtually analyze and plan the positioning of support resources.
  • Create stunning animations, 360-degree panoramic views for commercials, advertising, video-games and virtual reality applications.
  • 3D city models provide the base dataset to plan events, develop scenarios, optimize video camera locations.
  • Perform accurate sun and shade analysis by including surrounding objects and street furniture
  • 3D mesh models are used to capture mining and quarry sites including undercut and vertical structures.
  • 3D change can be performed using multi-date captures as well as volume analysis.
  • 3D rock-face analysis can be performed using 3D modeling

Close-range photogrammetry is used to create accurate 3D information over individual buildings for restoration and conservation purposes.

  • 3D city models provide a 3D snapshot in time to better understand the present and plan the future. Analyze impact of your designs in their surroundings
  • 3D city models integrated with additional spatial data is a key element of making cities smarter.

Our clients choose us because of our

We work with clients to understand their requirements and tailor the best solution in terms of application-linked outputs, image resolution, accuracy, size and capture technique. We provide datasets in a range of CAD/GIS-ready 3D formats, packaged for online 3D platforms. We also provide value-added services to extract 3D information, perform 3D change analysis and integrate additional spatial data to the 3D city models.

The unprecedented complexity, high resolution detail and geospatial accuracy contained in Aerometrex 3D models, combined with the possibility to interact and extract real 3D information in both natural and built environments, provide a valuable resource for many industries.

From 3D mesh models to True Ortho imagery, and from Digital Surface Models (DSMs) to 3D Point Clouds, our range of products offer you a one-stop solution for all your 3D needs.

Our 3D Workflow

From a single building to an entire city, we capture reality and generate location accurate and fully textured 3D models of natural and urban environments. Our models incorporate cutting-edge technology and align with your business requirements.

Over an extensive period of R&D, experiments and trials, our group of passionate spatial professionals and engineers designed a robust 3D photogrammetric workflow for flight planning and acquisition of aerial photographs, processing and generation of 3D models, and delivery of the final data.

We dedicate a lot of time sharing our passion and working with businesses to find new ways to use our 3D information to solve real-life problems. Our mission is to deliver existing and new customers the best 3D mapping and visualization solutions to their needs. Being in a very dynamic industry, we make sure we keep up with the latest emerging visualization technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive visualization tools and software.

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    Aerial data acquisition and pre-processing

    Once an area of interest (AOI) has been decided, a strategic flight plan is designed, and ground control survey locations are identified before capture of the aerial frames happen. Captured frames are then pre-processed and carefully color balanced.

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    3D Photogrammetry Processing

    The geometry of every frame is analyzed and modelled to reconstruct the position of the camera, then used in reverse to re-construct the objects in the images in fully-textured mesh object. To generate geographically accurate data, precise ground control points are integrated into the processing chain.

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    Geometry and Texture Enhancement

    Special care and quality control systems are implemented at all stages of the process. For high resolution 3D meshes, major distortion in buildings are fixed and cars removed from the roads and water bodies flattened.

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    Delivery: range of formats and value-added products

    3D mesh can be delivered in many 2D and 3D formats for use in 3rd party CAD, GIS or 3D rendering software or packaged for streaming through web platforms. Extra information can also be extracted from the 3D mesh or used to produce innovative value added products and services. Common 3D formats include FBX, OBJ, Cesium 3D Tiles, OSGB, ESRI i3s, Bentley 3SM/3MX, Skyline TerraExplorer 3DML, etc.; additional formats available on request.

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