How 3D data supports virtual bidding

In recent years, limited physical movement has restricted the events and tourism industries’ ability to showcase and sell real-world locations to interstate and international prospects. The Adelaide Convention Bureau (ACB) has found a novel solution in high-resolution 3D data provided by Aerometrex as a staging platform to pitch the City of Adelaide and the Adelaide Convention Centre to any audience, anywhere in the world.

The ACB uses Aerometrex’s 3D data assets and visualisations to bid for domestic and global conferences that potentially draw thousands of attendees and give substantial economic benefits to host cities. This use case stands as a proof-of-concept that 3D data overcomes distance to reach lucrative audiences with an adaptable asset for presentations.


3D data is the most flexible and cost-effective solution to creating multiple tailored bids over time, the base data giving the ACB a reusable asset and years of benefits.

Aerometrex captured, processed, and delivered a 2 cm resolution model of Adelaide’s North Terrace precinct with areas of street-level enhanced detail for the ACB. The modelled area includes Adelaide’s rapidly expanding health, technology, and education districts with the surrounding culture, hospitality, accommodation, and culinary points of interest for a broad spectrum of convention planners and attendees.

Initially, the ACB was not explicitly shopping for 3D data. Instead, they were trying to solve an ongoing challenge, as Nic Mercer, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at the Adelaide Convention Bureau, explains:

“This model has been something that's been in our heads for a long time. When we reached out to Aerometrex, we knew what the problem was, but we didn't know what the solution was. So we were starting with a blank piece of paper and going, this is the problem and this is where we want to get to. What Aerometrex provided us, was that partnership approach to be able to come up with a solution that was ideally suited for what we were looking for.”

International Bidding With 3D Data

Learn how the Adelaide Convention Bureau uses Aerometrex 3D models to pitch to an international conference panel.


For the ACB, Aerometrex’s 3D data gives ultimate flexibility to stage presentations customised to any audience and showing many potential points of interest within the city of Adelaide. Nic Mercer explains why that creative freedom is so crucial to his team:

“We see ourselves as storytellers, and each bid that we put together is an individual story and we tailor it for each individual need. What Aerometrex has been able to provide to us is a model that we can use to create our own storytelling each and every single time for each and every single international opportunity.

"The story that we're telling this time is how the destination has grown since 2017. What's important as we tell this story is the ability to get up close to individual infrastructure pieces like Lot Fourteen, but then pull up more broadly and tell the story of hotel growth and the increase of supply and the increase of infrastructure.

"We've never been able to do it this way before. There has always been limitations with drones and helicopters. With Aerometrex, we have been able to tell the story the way we want, and we couldn't be more happy.” Nic Mercer, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at the Adelaide Convention Bureau."


Nic Mercer, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at the Adelaide Convention Bureau, presenting the ACB bid to an international conference panel.


3D data has streamlined and simplified the ACB’s bidding process while giving greater consistency and flexibility. The initial investment gives ongoing benefits as the 3D model is repeatedly repurposed for different applications and audiences.

There’s much to be excited about for Nic Mercer and the ACB team, as he explains:

“This is a game-changer for us. We've been wanting to do this for the five years that I've been working at the organisation. We've always had something in our heads that we wanted to use to showcase the Convention Centre and City of Adelaide and we've come up with limitations each time. We're walking on cloud nine because this is exactly what we've been looking for all that time.

"This is the first of many, many use cases. Nothing is stopping us from getting out there and securing as many international opportunities as our business development team can come up with. As a result, I think we've got a world-class product that enables us to promote the destination like nobody else is doing right now.”

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